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Guidelines to enroll for The Science Society by Infosys Science Foundation

Membership in The Science Society is open to students from across India who are 13 to 18 years old and currently enrolled in high school. Students who wish to enroll are required to submit a signed parental consent.

The process to submit parental consent and enroll is given below.

  • Download the Parental Consent Form here.

  • We request your parent or guardian to provide all the details as requested in the form and sign it.

  • You can send the completed and signed form to us at

  • The first batch of signed Parental Consent Forms will be reviewed on May 31, 2024. Those aspiring to join the Science Society this year must submit their forms by this date. Forms submitted after this date will be reviewed by August 1, 2024.

  • Once we review the parental consent form, you will receive the link to the application form in an email, by the end of mid-June.

  • Only those students who have sent in their signed Parental Consent Form will receive an email from us to apply for membership in The Science Society.