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  • About the Prize

    a. When was the first Infosys Prize given, and to whom?

    In 2008, Infosys and the National Institute for Advanced Studies (NIAS) instituted Infosys Prize for Mathematics. It was presented in February 2009, to Prof. Manindra Agrawal, N. Rama Rao Chair Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur. Subsequently, the Infosys Science Foundation (ISF) was established by Infosys and members of the board at the time, to govern the Infosys Prize across five categories, including Mathematical Sciences. A sixth category, the Humanities, was added in 2012. All the Prizes awarded by the ISF were then called the Infosys Prize.

    b. Who is on the Infosys Prize jury?

    Each category of the Infosys Prize has a separate jury panel, presided over by a Jury Chair, who is a globally reputed scholar in the field. A number of individual jurors work closely with the jury chair in each category. Click here to view our most recent jury.

    c. Can candidates outside India be nominated for the Infosys Prize?

    Please see the STATUTES section for a detailed overview of the nomination criteria.

    d. What does the Infosys Prize consist of?

    Each Infosys Prize laureate receives 100,000 USD (or its equivalent in rupees), a gold medal, and a citation. The prize purse is tax free in India.

  • Nominations Cycle

    a. What is the nomination process?

    The winners of the Infosys Prize in each category are selected through a process of nomination and subsequently shortlisted by a jury comprised of distinguished practitioners in that respective discipline.

    The Infosys Science Foundation invites members of the Nomination Council to submit a nomination and endorsement for worthy researchers, meeting certain criteria. The eligibility criteria for nominees can be found in the STATUTES section.

    Nominations for all categories of the Infosys Prize generally open in the month of March and close three months later. Dates for each year are published on our website a few weeks in advance. Invited nominators will receive an email from the Infosys Science Foundation containing a username and password, which may be used to gain access to the dedicated website.

    b. Are self-nominations allowed?

    No, self-nominations are not allowed. The candidate must be nominated by a peer or colleague who is a part of the Nomination Council.

    c. Who can nominate candidates?

    Invited members of the Nomination Council can nominate a candidate in any category, as long as the nomination is submitted in the prescribed format and the candidate meets the specified criteria.

    d. Can we submit a team of people for the Prize?

    The Prize can be awarded to a group of individuals for joint / shared work. The eligibility criteria of residence and age applicable to individual winners shall apply to each individual in the group. In case a team wins the award, the prize money will be equally shared by the joint winners.

    e. What are the criteria for nomination?

    Please see the STATUTES section for the complete nomination criteria.

    f. How can I submit my nomination?

    Self-nominations are not allowed, as per the statutes.

    Nominations are by invitation only. You will need a username and password to access the secure nomination site. Once logged in, you can NOMINATE on the site.

    Nominators must submit the nominee's latest Curriculum Vitae with a list of her/his most recent/important papers, an endorsement (400-800 words) of their work, an impact statement (400-800 words) describing how her/his work may impact her/his own field of research and potentially impact other fields of research, and two research papers authored by the nominee.

    Your nomination will not be considered complete without these documents.

    Once the nomination cycle is open, invited nominators may fill the nomination form available on our website. While sending across your nomination, please do attach a CV, statement of impact, endorsement, and 2 research papers.

    g. Can I edit or cancel my nomination once I submit it?

    Once your nomination has been submitted, it is valid for three years. You may review or update your nomination by logging into our website any time before the nomination cycle for the year ends. After this date, the system will not allow you to make any changes to your nomination. After three years, the nomination will lapse unless renewed.

    h. Can I renominate a candidate?

    Yes, you can re-nominate a candidate you have nominated in any previous cycle of the Infosys Prize. All nominations are valid for three years, including the year of submission, and so will be carried forward for two more years. It is in the best interest of the candidate for the nominator to update his/her nomination with current details and resubmitting / re- nominating. A laureate of the Infosys Prize cannot be re-nominated. After three years, the nomination will lapse unless renewed.

    i. I have not received an email with a username and password. Can I still nominate a candidate?

    An email invitation is sent only to selected recipients. If you feel that you have not received your email invitation due to an error, please inform us at

    j. I do not have the candidate’s CV. Can I still nominate them?

    Nominations are not considered complete without the candidate’s CV. The same must be uploaded along with your nomination as either Microsoft Word or PDF documents. If you are sending the nomination by email, the candidate’s CV must be sent along with your nomination form.

    k. What happens after I submit a nomination?

    The last date for submission of nominations is May 31, 2023. After this date, the respective juries for each category will deliberate on the nominations and shortlist the winners. Registered nominators will be informed via email at every major milestone.

  • Important Dates

    a. What is the timeline for nominations?

    Nominations for all categories of the Infosys Prize generally open in the month of March and close 3 months later. The nominations calendar is published on the website at the start of every cycle. The nominations cycle for 2022 is closed..

    b. When is the last date for submitting nominations?

    The last date for submission of nominations for Infosys Prize 2022 was June 15, 2022.

    c. When will the winners be announced?

    The winning laureates are usually announced at a press conference in November, followed by the Prize ceremony in January of the following year.

  • Infosys Prize Ceremony

    a. Who can attend the Prize ceremony?

    The audience for the Prize ceremony includes the Trustees of the Infosys Science Foundation, the Chief Guest, members of the jury, laureates, and other invited guests. Previous Chief Guests have included former President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Nobel Prize laureate Prof. Amartya Sen, and most recently, Abel Prize winner Prof. Srinivasa Varadhan.

    b. When and where is the Prize ceremony held?

    The Prize ceremony is usually held in Bangalore, in January.

    c. Where can I watch the Prize ceremony?

    You can watch the Infosys Prize ceremony for 2022, and earlier ceremonies, on the Infosys Prize YouTube channel.

  • Lecture Series

    a. How can I hold an Infosys Prize lecture at my institution?

    If your institute would like to host a lecture by any one of our laureates please reach out to us through email.

    b. Where can I watch previous lectures?

    You can view all our previously hosted lectures on our Lectures page.

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