Kaushik Basu

Prof. Andrew Willford

Professor of Anthropology, Cornell University and Chair of Cornell’s Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Andrew Willford is Professor of Anthropology at Cornell University and current Chair of Cornell’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Prof. Willford's work characteristically explores psychological and phenomenological aspects of selfhood, identity, and subjectivity within a matrix of power and statecraft. His previous research has focused upon Tamil displacement, revivalism, and identity politics in Malaysia and India.

His latest book, The Future of Bangalore’s Cosmopolitan Pasts: Civility and Difference in a Global City (University of Hawaii, 2018) examines the politics of language, religion, identity, and belonging in Bangalore, India, over a 20-year period. Other recent books include: Tamils and the Haunting of Justice: History and Recognition in Malaysia’s Plantations (University of Hawaii Press, 2014); Cage of Freedom: Tamil Identity and the Ethnic Fetish in Malaysia (University of Michigan Press, 2006), Spirited Politics: Religion and Public Life in Contemporary Southeast Asia, Andrew Willford and Kenneth George, eds. (Southeast Asia Program Publications, Cornell University, 2005), and Clio/Anthropos: Exploring the Boundaries between History and Anthropology, Andrew Willford and Eric Tagliacozzo, eds. (Stanford University Press, 2009).