Live streamed from the Infosys Science Foundation

PRESS CONFERENCE Announcement of
Infosys Prize Winners
November 15, 2022

Live streamed from the Infosys Science Foundation

<a href="/content/infosys-isf/en/laureates/2020/arindam-ghosh.html">Prof. Arindam Ghosh</a>

INFOSYS PRIZE LECTURE SERIES A Material Quest: Building technology with Atomic Layers

Prof. Arindam Ghosh

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<a href="/content/infosys-isf/en/laureates/2018/navakanta-bhat.html">Navakanta Bhat</a> | <a href="/content/infosys-isf/en/laureates/2021/chandrasekhar-nair.html">Chandrasekhar Nair</a> | <a href="/content/infosys-isf/en/jury/2022/dhananjaya-dendukur.html">Dhananjaya Dendukuri</a>

WEBINAR Challenges of the Future: Affordable Healthcare and Diagnostics

Navakanta Bhat | Chandrasekhar Nair | Dhananjaya Dendukuri

In the Spotlight

Listen to laureate Prof. Gagandeep Kang talk about effective vaccination programs, public health, accessible healthcare, collaboration, and research.

Gagandeep Kang

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